These multimedia works represent my point of view on the interaction of the real world with the virtual world in the era of the polymedia. Inspired by the tension between science and spirituality in philosophy and the history of art, my objective is to demonstrate that a similar duality exists between virtual and reality. My goal is to break the usual system of thought of the spectator by presenting immersive experience in mediatic singularity peices to reconceptualise ‘’the window open to the world’’. Materialistic illusion, dominance of the senses over the mind.
This piece is a live chroma key and interactive project, to illustrate the false consciousness and the confusion the screen often show. Senses treat datas of the outside world. The camera act like an eye that distort reality then the mind believe what he see and the ideas that surround it. The screen is a surface on which the viewer exist by viewing false consciousness of the spectacular reality.

Mark Merging simulacrum