During his first year in the master program of visual art, Zoltan Veevaete found his way out of his comfort zone, exploring new technics of mediation and also a new conceptual structure which is based on the concept of the hyper-renaissance.
Zoltan is interested in the limits between the virtual, the imagination and the real world. Being a painter, Zoltan find important to link the some of the pictorial innovations in the italian renaissance with the contemporaneity mediatic technologies. He is engaged in demonstrate the impact of mediatic technologies in the contemporary reality. His pieces are hybrid audio-visual and mash-ups of encrypted symbols in which he is mixing allegories, popular mythology and dreams.
Internalization of the pixelated window is an audio-visual piece that communicates allegorically the impact of the computer and the internet on his imagination and the effect on his emotional reality. The hypnotic sound track is a sample that emphases his interest for the captivity of attention in the consumption of medias. Deliberately complex, the piece stimulate an emotional impression more than describe a state of mind. In that sense, Zoltan is focusing his interest on internalization of the internet in the society that has for consequences an atrophication of the imaginative instinct, emotional and of memory. The elements in the piece encourage the spectator to travel deep inside their imagination and abandon contact with reality.


Mark The pixelated window